Cider Making Class Saturday Aug 15th 3PM

Cider Making Class Saturday  Aug 15th 3PM
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Learn to make great cider at home that you and your friends will be amazed at. Students will make a 6-gallon vat of cider in class. Cider will ferment at Bev Art for 3 weeks then at scheduled bottling time you will balance and bottle your cider to take home. Each batch makes 50 to 60  12 oz bottles.

In class:

Taste an array of ciders and cysers.

Discuss apple verities that are best for cider.

Equipment needed to make cider easy.

Sanitation equipment and must.

Yeast verities and their effects.

Nutrients and fermentation.

Fermentation Techniques.

Flavoring with spices and other fruit flavors.

Infusing your cider with CBD or THC. (For home use only)

Balancing and Sweetening your cider.

Bottling and carbonating.

Aging and storing cider.

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